Updated Guidance for In-Person Gatherings

For Ooltewah United Methodist Church



As our community continues to rise from the pandemic and move toward normal social interactions, we ask those who participate in programs and ministries of the church to observe the following:


  • Vaccinationswe encourage people who are eligible and without medical risk to consider receiving a Covid19 vaccination as recommended by the CDC and many medical professionals.

  • Face Masks – We highly recommend that people who participate in indoor events at OUMC wear face masks.

  • Socially Distancing – We ask that everyone maintain a safe social distance from others as recommended by the CDC.

  • RegistrationWe ask that everyone register their attendance when attending  in-person worship.  Attendance will be taken at in-person small group meetings.

  • Food/Drink – Groups serving food or drink are asked to practice safe serving by avoiding potluck style and self-serve.  It is best to have gloved/masked servers who plate food and serve drinks.

  • Transportation – Any groups using the bus or van are asked to wear a mask while in the vehicles with others.



Additional notes: 

  • We will continue to serve communion by distributing personal servings as we gather.
  • We will return Bibles, hymnals and printed materials to the back of pews and seats.  We will distribute printed materials as appropriate.
  • Cleaning of spaces will be done as deemed appropriate to its use.
  • Outside groups requesting use of our facilities will be advised of the OUMC requirements  and must  agree to abide by our current protocols.